K-11 is Kristen Stewart mom’s directorial debut, but the actress won’t be appearing in the said. Instead, brother Cameron Stewart is set to make an appearance as reported by Variety’s Josh L. Dickey. K-11 is the first film that K-Stew’s brother will be in.

K-11 stars Goran Visnjic, Portia Doubleday, and D.B. Sweeney. Visnjic takes on the role of a young popular record producer who awakens in jail, specifically a unit for vulnerable prisoners. The unit is headed by a transsexual. Cameron Stewart is ‘Sledgehammer’, a prisoner in the special unit.

Though there were rumors that K-Stew would take on a transgender role for the film, it was unfounded. Shooting has commenced last July 18 in various locations, and has moved to the next location at Sybil Brand, a Los Angeles County correctional facility for women.