EXCLUSIVE: News of a back-to-back shoot for Transformers 4 and 5 are ripe in speculation after executives of Hasbro and Paramount were happy with the $1 Billion earnings of the latest “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” movie. Hasbro has said that it is actively in talks with the studio for immediate plans, and sources of Showblitz have confirmed that the two installments are indeed going into production at the same time. A plan that would be cost and time-effective, among other advantages. Ehren Kruger, the movie’s screenwriter, also has some great ideas that the studio approves. On another note, previous franchises’ lead actor Shia LaBeouf has already said that he won’t be joining the next installment’s production. With this development, many names have cropped up, and of particular notice is Jason Statham, but an offer has yet to be made.