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The Marvel universe is one with a huge fan-base all around the globe. From comic books to movies, Marvel characters have been provided us with hundreds of hours of entertainment. And, while there this is a universe packed with heroes of all shapes and sizes, Deadpool is the one that doesn’t exactly fit the bill, which is just a reason more for some of us to love him even more.

The new Deadpool 2 film will be coming out shortly, once again staring Ryan Reynolds, who is just perfect for the part. This time around, Deadpool sets out to form a „super-duper“ group of „heroes“ to protect a young kid with supernatural powers from Cable, the archenemy played by Josh Brolin.

Playtech Casino Gaming ProviderWhy Isn’t There a Deadpool Casino Slot?

Fans of online gambling are well aware there are many movie franchises that have been turned into casino slots. However, a slot based on the Deadpool story is nowhere to be found and there are no rumors we’ll be getting one any time soon.

In fact, this is true for pretty much all Marvel heroes. Those who have been around for a while probably know Playtech had a great selection of Marvel-themed slots but these disappeared about a year ago, in 2017. Many players were surprised and disappointed, but Playtech’s deal with Marvel expired in 2017 and Walt Disney, the company that currently owns Marvel, decided not to renew it.

For Disney, this move makes sense, because they want to remove themselves from the world of gambling and project a family friendly image – and there’s no place for Playtech’s casino slots anywhere in that image. So, where does that leave us?

Great Potential not Being Used

All Marvel characters and movies (and Deadpool in particular) are excellent material for casino slots. Getting the vibrant Reynolds’ character onto the reels with some funny cut scenes and hilarious comments throughout the game would be a pure touchdown. After all, while they were available, Marvel-themed slots were the favorites of many players.

The way things are right now, it isn’t likely we’ll be seeing a Deadpool slot any time soon. Disney is a huge company and if they decided to distance themselves from all things gambling, they’re unlikely to change their mind. It could happen, of course, given the right circumstances, but odds are against it.

However, Marvel could change hands once again, and if they are bought by a different company, the new owner could have a different approach. Online gambling is growing more popular with each day and the Marvel franchise has a huge potential, so it would definitely be something worth looking into. Perhaps we will see some of the bigger companies such as GIG, who owns Rizk Casino and Thrills to negotiate some deal with Disney.

For the time being, we will just have to look forward to the new Deadpool movie coming out in a few days and, if trailers are anything to go by, it’s going to be a good one. And, if you’re eager to have some fun gambling online and don’t have the patience to wait for a new Marvel deal, there are many online casinos that offer new players free casino bonuses without any initial cash deposit required. Check these out to get started without any risk and you could actually walk away with some extra cash in your bank account.

We won’t call it a super power, but turning nothing into real money sounds pretty awesome!

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