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Enjoy the cinematic viewing experience of a theater right in the comfort of your home by making your very own home theater. If you’re a movie buff and you love your movies, there are so many ideas to get you enough inspiration to create your ultimate home theater dream room. 

Aside from the home entertainment system, the acoustics, and the seatings and furnishings, wall decors and arts also come into the entire aesthetics and relaxing experience of your home theater.

Whether you’re researching some wall design inspirations or you’re in the planning phase already, here are select wall art and decor ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Metal wall sculptures

Think primarily of metal ticket sculptures that you can put up in the wall. Isn’t that a cool addition to a modern home theater? Wall sculptures are any three-dimensional artwork that you can display on the walls. This type of wall art comes in many designs that can flawlessly incorporate into your home theater. In fact, sculptures can also be customized, so it will fit the theme of your home theater. Decorating with sculptures gives off the texture and a pop of interest on your walls.

  • Wall sconces

Wall sconces are functional, and it lends aesthetics to a home theater. The soft lighting from the sconces provide ample illumination. The three-dimensional design of the sconces create a vibrant and interesting appeal to a room. Many different designs are available that go well with the theme of your room.

  • Wall art prints

Wall art prints and posters are truly the easiest way to decorate your home theater walls. With a few tips and tricks and some dose of creativity, you can recreate a unique personality to your home theater. With so many movie and TV show posters, your options are limitless. Anything you want is most probably available with the wide market of wall art prints today.

While this may be an advantage, there is also a downside to this. If you are not careful in sourcing your wall art, you might end with subpar ones. It is vital that you know where to get high-quality, good-value-for-money modern wall art fit for the ultimate home theater of your dreams. 

Design tip: Refrain from decorating the home theater in bright colours, be it seating arrangement, furniture, and wall art and decor. In general, bright color reflects light. Darker and more neutral hues are ideal to maximize viewing experience. This is also the reason why most home theater walls are darker, as it absorbs light from the television or projector.

It’s time to grab the popcorn, kick off those shoes, sink into the plush seat, and play your favorite TV series or launch into a movie marathon without being constantly disturbed by side comments or cinema noises!

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