90 Day Fiancé star Gino Palazzolo is reminiscing about the joyful memories he shared with girlfriend Jasmine Pineda, as speculation continues to swirl about the possible demise of their relationship. Gino and Jasmine captivated viewers on 90 Day Fiancé with their tumultuous yet passionate connection.

Gino Palazzolo
Gino Palazzolo

Now, as signs seem to indicate they may have called it quits, Gino appears to be missing the happy times with Jasmine and using throwback photos to express his nostalgia. While the status of their romance remains unclear, Gino’s social media activity hints he may be heartbroken at the prospect of splitting from the woman he once dreamed of marrying.

Gino Posts Throwbacks of Jasmine

After Jasmine started posting Instagram clues to show that her relationship with Gino may be finished, Gino has now chosen to add some fuel to the fire.


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Gino started posting vintage photos and recordings of himself with Jasmine on Instagram, with somber music playing out of sight. Gino shared a selfie he took in February 2021 at Royal Decameron Golf Beach in Panama showing Jasmine in a vivid two-piece bathing suit.

Another photo showed Jasmine presenting inside a restaurant dressed in a leopard print top with dark shorts as she wore a face cover in one of the shots to show the photo was taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an alternate picture, Jasmine sat in the sand by the seashore with a telephone in her grasp as she grinned sweetly at the camera.

Gino’s Intentions Unclear

Gino didn’t label Jasmine in any of her Instagram Stories. He additionally didn’t uncover why precisely he felt like reposting these specific pictures after such a long time. Gino could attempt to show that he and Jasmine are as yet together. In any case, Jasmine has just implied somewhat of a split.

Jasmine Pineda
Jasmine Pineda

She initially started the gossipy tidbits by erasing all of Gino’s photos from her Instagram feed. Jasmine unfollowed Gino, and since he’s absent from her devotees’ list, it’s conceivable that she hindered him. In mid-January, Jasmine shared photos of herself making a trip to New York for business purposes.

Signs Point to a Split

Jasmine has yet to uncover that she’s living in Michigan. In any case, there have been clues that she’s moved to Florida, which helps her to remember her old neighborhood. Jasmine constantly needed to live in Miami. She longed to propel a vocation in land there. Jasmine could be investigating another life for herself in the Magic City or is just investigating the country while Gino keeps working and bringing in cash. In January 2024, Jasmine posted her own arrangement of vintage photos and recordings and asserted that she was absent for a lot of her joyful time.

Jasmine Pineda Instagram
Jasmine Pineda Instagram

Jasmine said she wasn’t content in America, yet the Michigan climate had nothing to do with it. Gino and Jasmine were not together for his birthday either. Rather than posting photos of them praising his extraordinary day, Jasmine posted old pictures of her with Gino to wish him a cheerful birthday.

Jasmine’s strange conduct via web-based networking media is pointing towards distress. She will keep her relationship status under wraps until 90 Day Fiancé season 10 finishes up. Until then, watchers should stand by to check whether Jasmine happens to coincidentally affirm the theory of a split.