Kailyn Lowry’s life has played out in the public eye ever since she first appeared as a pregnant teenager on 16 and Pregnant. Her subsequent relationships and pregnancies with three more sons have continued to garner attention from fans. While Kailyn shares a lot about her life on social media, some fans have wondered why even her youngest son, Creed Romello Lopez, has his own Instagram account at such a young age.

Kailyn gave birth to her fourth son, Creed, in July 2020. His father is Kailyn’s ex Chris Lopez, who is also dad to her third son Lux. Kailyn and Chris have had a tumultuous relationship over the years and have struggled to co-parent peacefully which ended in court. In fact, Kailyn has primary custody of both Lux and Creed currently.

Kailyn Juggles Co-Parenting with Multiple Exes

In addition to Chris, Kailyn also shares son Isaac with ex Jo Rivera and son Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. She seems to have a better co-parenting relationship with Jo and Javi than with Chris. While custody situations aren’t always clear to the public, it appears Kailyn has the boys the majority of the time based on her social media.

Kailyn frequently shares photos and videos of her four sons on her popular Instagram account. Lately, many of these posts tag each son’s own Instagram handle too. Her two oldest sons, Isaac and Lincoln, are now of an age where having their own social media makes more sense. But baby Creed was only one year old in 2022, so why does he need his own Instagram already?

Possible Explanations for Creed’s Instagram Presence

Kailyn Lowry with kids
Kailyn Lowry with kids

As a public figure, Kailyn has many business ventures connected to her social media – podcasts, books, brand deals, etc. Tagging her sons’ accounts and linking to her YouTube channel from their bios allows everything to work together cohesively. Maintaining her kids’ online presence herself also gives Kailyn more control versus an outside person creating accounts for them.

Creed’s Instagram bio promotes his merchandise line with Kailyn called Yeah Baby Goods Kail Lowry Collection. So the account serves as marketing for this business venture between mother and son. Posts also document his baby milestones and give a glimpse into his life for fans.

Kailyn Lowry's Instagram
Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram

While other Teen Mom stars like Chelsea Houska have stepped back from the franchise to give their children more privacy, Kailyn seems to take the opposite approach. However, she makes sure to note on each account that she manages her sons’ social media. Kailyn is also capturing precious memories and controlling her children’s narratives by running their accounts.

Balancing Privacy and Public Life as a Famous Family

Kailyn Lowry has spent nearly half her life on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. She and her children’s lives have played out for all to see during that time. So completely shutting down public access to her family is likely unrealistic at this point.

By carefully running her son’s social media accounts herself, Kailyn finds a middle ground. She can share just what she’s comfortable with and save special memories. But she also does business deals that likely sustain her family’s income and lifestyle.

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry

Creed Romello Lopez may only be a toddler, but he already has 13,000 Instagram followers. As the youngest son of one of Teen Mom’s most popular stars, his online presence is secured thanks to Kailyn’s savvy social media skills. She gives fans just enough access while still protecting her baby boy’s privacy.