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The iconic Spanish singer Rosalía, known to fans worldwide as the “Motomami Queen”, celebrates her 31st birthday on September 25th. To honor the Catalan pop sensation on reaching this milestone age, let’s explore some fascinating facts about her life and career that provide insight into who she is.


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1. Full Name:

Rosalía Vila Tobella is the full name of the singer, songwriter, and producer who has taken the world by storm.

2. Birthplace:

Born in the municipality of Sant Esteve Sesrovires in the Baix Llobregat region of Catalonia, Spain, Rosalía grew up immersed in the culture and traditions of her Catalan homeland.

3. Zodiac Sign:

As a native Libra born on September 25, 1992, Rosalía exhibits the creative spirit, sociability, and pursuit of harmony associated with her air sign.

4. Education:

After studying piano, guitar, flamenco dance, and singing from a young age, Rosalía graduated with a degree in Flamenco and Andalusian Culture from the University of Barcelona.

5. Early Rejection:

At age 15, a naive Rosalía auditioned unsuccessfully for the Spanish version of Got Talent, receiving a rejection from the judges that only fueled her determination.

6. Debut Album:

Her first studio album “Los Ángeles” introduced Rosalía’s unique fusion of flamenco and electronic pop in 2017, serving as a breakthrough for the visionary artist.

7. Major Project:

Rosalía’s acclaimed 2018 album “El Mal Querer” originated as her final thesis project at the Catalonia College of Music, earning her graduation and global fame.

8. Languages:

The multilingual singer records songs not just in her native Spanish and Catalan, but also in English, showcasing her diverse vocal abilities.

9. Film Debut:

In 2019, Rosalía made her acting debut in director Pedro Almodóvar’s film “Pain and Glory”, embodying her crossover into cinema.

10. Unexpected Contents:

When asked about what she carries in her bag, Rosalía revealed the odd combination of avocado and mayonnaise, citing her hectic schedule.

11. Childhood Hobby:

Having grown up riding motorcycles since age 7 thanks to her parents’ enthusiasm, it’s no wonder “Motomami” is one of Rosalía’s iconic alter egos.

12. Favorite Pastime:

Cooking ranks among Rosalía’s most beloved hobbies, with the foodie gravitating toward Latin cuisines like tacos and Mexican shrimp agua chile.

13. Breakout Song:

Her collaboration with C. Tangana on the hit track “Antes de Morirme” in 2017 first propelled Rosalía into the urban Spanish music spotlight.

14. Family Connections:

Rosalía’s sister Pilar serves as her stylist, with the singer affectionately referring to her as “La Pili” in a touching show of sibling support.

15. Chameleon Qualities:

Never one to take herself too seriously, Rosalía has hilariously gone undercover among everyday people to get candid opinions on her music.

16. Crossover Smash:

The singer cemented her status as a global Latin sensation in 2019 with the megahit “Con Altura” featuring J Balvin and El Guincho.

17. Production Power:

As one of the few female producers making waves, Rosalía took home the Billboard Music Award for Top Latin Female Producer in 2019.

18. Using Her Voice:

Rosalía leveraged her platform to speak out on human rights, denouncing a hate crime murder in Spain and supporting abortion rights in Mexico.

19. Obscure Beginning:

Before her solo career took off, an early collaboration titled “Flamenco Y Kejaleo” introduced Rosalía as a flamenco artist in 2013.

20. Star-Studded Partners:

She has joined forces with today’s top artists across genres, including The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, Wisin y Yandel, and Tokischa.


21. Musical Inspirations:

While flamenco great Camarón has deeply inspired her, Rosalía also cites artists like Björk as influences in her boundary-pushing musical style.

22. Turning Down Madonna:

When asked to perform at Madonna’s birthday in Morocco in 2018, then-rising star Rosalía notably declined the Queen of Pop’s invite.

23. Fitness Regimen:

Her high-energy live show demands intense dance rehearsals and strength training, with Rosalía always traveling with her dumbbells in tow.

24. Tightly Scheduled:

Rosalía structures her days with meticulous planning, constantly referencing a physical paper schedule to stay organized on the road.

25. Skincare Aficionado:

In her downtime, the singer engages in elaborate skincare rituals involving specialized creams, serums, sheet masks, and moisturizers.

26. Accolades Abound:

From multiple Latin Grammys to MTV Video Music Awards to Billboard Music Awards and beyond, Rosalía has amassed a treasure trove of honors.


27. Global Reach:

Named one of TIME’s most influential people in the world, Rosalía counts over 30 million Instagram followers and 1 billion YouTube views.

28. Football Fanatic:

As a proud Catalan, Rosalía supports Football Club Barcelona, releasing a signature jersey with her name emblazoned on the back.


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29. Zero Tolerance:

When AI-generated fake nude images of her surfaced, Rosalía took a strong stance against sexism and harassment.

30. Streaming Giant:

Her megahit collaboration “La Noche de Anoche” with Bad Bunny has surpassed 900 million Spotify streams and counting.

31. Grammy Record-Holder:

Rosalía made history as the first female artist ever to win two consecutive Album of the Year Grammys for “El Mal Querer” and “Motomami.”

As Rosalía celebrates turning 31, her trailblazing career and captivating spirit continue to inspire fans worldwide. The decades ahead promise even greater heights for the visionary Motomami queen.

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