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The critically acclaimed drama series The Chi on Showtime is finally set to return for the second half of its sixth season. After airing 8 episodes, the show went on a mid-season break due to industry strikes. Now with those issues resolved, fans are eager to see how the stories play out over the remaining 8 episodes.

CHI Season 6
CHI Season 6

For those needing a refresher, here is a look at what to expect when The Chi season 6 returns with new episodes.

Release Date

The Chi season 6 part 2 does not yet have an official return date. It has been nearly 3 months since the first half of season 6 finished airing. As of now, Showtime has not announced when the back half of the season will premiere.

However, given the gaps between the previous season’s parts, we can speculate a return in summer or early fall 2024. Stay tuned for an official announcement from Showtime on the premiere date.

“We’re eager to get back into production and deliver an incredible back half of season 6 for the fans” said showrunner Justin Hillian.


Two major cast members will not be returning for the remaining episodes – Alex R. Hibbert as Kevin Williams and Tory O. Davis as Pastor Stanley Jackson.

Kevin said goodbye to his family and left for Los Angeles. Pastor Jackson was shockingly killed off by Douda in episode 6.

The main ensemble is expected to stay mostly the same, led by:

Notable recurring characters include:


The first 8 episodes dealt with the aftermath of Kevin deciding to move to LA, Emmett’s dangerous partnership with Douda, and Victor’s declaration of love impacting his political career.

The back half of season 6 will likely focus on the fallout from Pastor Jackson’s murder and how it affects Bakari and Papa. Emmett and Douda’s business will continue to face threats. Political intrigue around Victor will heat up as he plots revenge on Douda for harming Rob.

Chi TV Show
Chi TV Show

Other storylines to keep an eye on include Bakari and Lynae’s romance, Jake’s new business, and the future of Emmett and Keisha’s relationship. The drama never ends on The Chi, so expect plenty more twists and turns over the final 8 episodes.

“Fans can expect powerful storytelling and performances in the back half of season 6” said star Jacob Latimore.


Showtime has not yet released a trailer for The Chi season 6 part 2. Once an official trailer drops, it will likely tease the major dramatic moments to come involving Douda, Emmett, Victor, and others.

How Many Episodes?

There will be 8 episodes in The Chi season 6 part 2, which brings the total episode count for the season to 16.

How To Watch

The Chi season 6 part 2 will be available to stream on Fridays at 3 am EST on the Paramount Plus With Showtime add-on. For those with regular Showtime, new episodes will air on Sundays at 9 pm EST.

Chi Upcoming Season
Chi Upcoming Season


  • The Chi season 6 returns summer/fall 2024 after mid-season break
  • Kevin and Pastor Jackson leave the show
  • The main cast returns to finish unfinished storylines
  • 8 more episodes to air
  • Watch on Paramount Plus or Showtime

The Chi has built a devoted fanbase ready to dive back into the drama-filled world of the South Side Chicago community. Stay tuned for an official premiere date and more details on what’s to come in the second half of season 6!

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