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The ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has become one of the most talked-about rivalries in the landscape of modern hip-hop. What began as competitive banter has evolved into a series of sharp lyrical exchanges that captivate fans and critics alike. This article explores the genesis and progression of this hip-hop rivalry, highlighting key moments and tracks that have defined this conflict.

Origins of the Feud

The roots of the Kendrick-Drake feud can be traced back to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s 2013 track “Control.” Here, Lamar didn’t hold back, calling out several top rappers, including Drake, which signaled his intention to dominate the hip-hop scene. This bold declaration was seen not just as a challenge but as a claim to ascendancy over his peers.

Subtle Jabs and Musical Responses

Over the years, both artists have released tracks that many believe contain cryptic messages aimed at each other. Notably, Kendrick’s 2015 song “King Kunta” included lines that were widely interpreted as a swipe at Drake over the ghostwriting accusations that had surfaced that year. This period marked an escalation in their feud, with both rappers utilizing their music as vehicles for veiled digs.

The Escalation in 2024

The rivalry took a more direct turn in 2024 with Kendrick Lamar releasing “Euphoria” and shortly thereafter “6:16 in LA,” tracks laden with explicit disses aimed at Drake. These songs sparked a series of responses from Drake, including the particularly scathing “Family Matters,” where personal jabs and allegations were exchanged with intensity. The back-and-forth continued with Kendrick’s quick reply in “Meet the Grahams,” showcasing the rapid and heated nature of their exchanges

Drake then followed up with “The Heart Part 6” and Kendrick landed the final blow with “Not Like Us”, where he basically exposed every dark secret within Drake’s mansion.

Impact and Public Perception

Each new release has not only fuelled the feud but has also dominated social media discussions and hip-hop news cycles. Public figures and other artists have chimed in, sometimes humorously, reflecting the significant attention this rivalry commands. For example, other artists have expressed their views on the feud through social media, adding layers to the narrative.

Analyzing the Artistry and Impact

What sets this feud apart is the high level of artistry both rappers bring to their diss tracks. Unlike many hip-hop feuds that may rely on surface-level insults, Kendrick and Drake’s rivalry delves into complex lyrical craftsmanship, with each artist using their platform to not only challenge the other but also to assert their musical identities and visions.


With the release of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” the dynamic of his rivalry with Drake has taken a significant turn. This track is not only a lyrical powerhouse but also a potent narrative tool in which Kendrick addresses rumors and controversial topics, including an allegation about Drake having a secret daughter. By bringing such a personal issue into their public lyrical battle, Kendrick elevates the stakes, emphasizing not just the competitive nature of their feud but also its deeply personal dimensions.

This bold move by Kendrick could be seen as a strategic effort to assert dominance in the feud by touching on sensitive aspects of Drake’s personal life, which Kendrick uses to question Drake’s authenticity and public persona. The inclusion of such a personal jab makes “Not Like Us” a critical moment in their ongoing rivalry, potentially marking it as a conclusive blow unless Drake responds with equal vigor.

This development in their feud underscores how personal and competitive dynamics in hip-hop can drive artists to push the boundaries of lyrical content, creating tracks that resonate with audiences for their boldness and honesty. Whether this marks an end to their lyrical exchanges or the beginning of another chapter, it certainly cements the feud’s place in hip-hop history as one of the most compelling narratives in recent years.

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