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Showblitz: Thank you for speaking with us today, Narong. Please introduce yourself and your new website to our readers.

Narong: Happy to chat. I’m Narong Panya, founder of Thai casino website which just launched as a new resource for Thai players interested in online gambling. We provide reviews, news, and bonus info related to trusted international casino sites that accept registrations from Thailand residents.

Showblitz: What prompted you to create this specialized Thai casino portal?

Narong: I saw a need in the market for a site catering specifically to Thai players and answering their unique questions in the local language. Many big casino portals ignore Asia or lump all countries together. But the Thai gambling scene has its own distinct culture and legal nuances that impact player behavior and options. I wanted to create a supportive community and guide that resonates more intimately across all types of Thai gamblers – from casual free players to VIP high rollers.

Showblitz: Can you overview the online gambling landscape in Thailand? What does your target demographic look like?

Narong: Sure. Well gambling remains technically illegal in Thailand, yet Thais love to play, especially lottery. So a vibrant unregulated offshore online casino market has emerged to serve players here. Our typical users are tech-savvy middle class Thais in their 30s-50s. Disposable income to play but uncomfortable in land-based underground casinos run by crime syndicates. The web provides accessibility while allowing anonymity. This group enjoys baccarat, slots, and fish shooting games. On my site we educate them on safe sites, bonuses to maximize play budgets, and avoiding illegal local operations.

Showblitz: Very insightful! What challenges does face specifically catering to Thai gamblers?

Narong: The unstable legal situation surrounding online casinos in Thailand poses challenges. Laws could change any day making more sites suddenly unavailable without notice. Language support can also be poor at even the biggest Asia-facing brands, preventing Thai users from understanding key details. So we take extra care curating gambling sites, testing them ourselves extensively before review, and translating/explaining important policies or cultural differences. We want Thai players fully informed to make the best choices aligned with their personal interests and tolerance for risk.

Showblitz: Turning to growth – what plans or unique content offerings do you have to help gain traction and stand out?

Narong: Glad you asked! We’re super focused on constant original content creation – reviews of new Thai-friendly casino and slot game releases every week, interviews with VIP gamblers about their experiences, breaking industry news translated into Thai instantly when it matters, etc. Video has also proven extremely popular as it’s more personal so we launched a Thai-language YouTube channel covering site reviews and gambling strategy/advice. And of course Facebook is huge in Thailand for discovery and chat so we stimulate engagement through various Thai gambling groups. Outpacing rivals on understanding local players’ interests through these initiatives is key for us. Exciting early progress!

Showblitz: Well best of luck continuing that momentum Narong! Perhaps we’ll have you back sometime to update us on’s growth catering to this overlooked market.

Narong: I appreciate the coverage friend. Thank you. Absolutely let’s do this again soon!

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