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Bad Bunny Concert

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour in the United States has concluded with remarkable success, setting new records and captivating audiences nationwide. Promoted by Live Nation, the tour showcased the Puerto Rican superstar’s latest album, “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,” in a series of unforgettable performances.

Record-Breaking Success

Most Wanted Tour Bad Bunny

From February 21 to May 26, the Most Wanted Tour grossed an astonishing $207.8 million and sold 703,000 tickets across 30 concerts, achieving full venue capacity at every stop. Notably, Bad Bunny’s three-night stint at Miami’s Kaseya Center left an indelible mark on audiences, capping off the U.S. leg in spectacular fashion.

Setting New Benchmarks

Amidst this triumph, Bad Bunny also made history as the highest-grossing artist at Barclays Center, surpassing the previous record held by Jay Z. The tour’s 37-song setlist showcased Bunny’s diverse discography, with a particular focus on tracks from “Nadie Sabe,” which debuted at No. 1 on multiple Billboard charts upon its release in October 2023.

Special Guest Appearances

Adding to the excitement were surprise guest artists who joined Bad Bunny on stage throughout the tour, enhancing the already electrifying performances.

  • Bryant Myers: On March 13 and April 11, Myers joined Bad Bunny for performances of “Seda” at the Arena in Los Angeles and Barclays Center in New York, respectively.
  • Eladio Carrión: Delighted audiences at Barclays Center on April 13 with a captivating performance of “Thunder y Lightning.”
  • Feid: Surprised fans in Sacramento on March 5 with a powerful rendition of “Perro Negro.”
  • Grupo Frontera: Teamed up with Bad Bunny in Houston on April 30 for a memorable performance of “un X100to.”
  • Mora: Made a lively appearance alongside Bunny in Los Angeles on March 15 for a performance of “Hibiki.”
  • Young Miko: Joined Bunny on stage in Chicago on March 30 for a spirited performance of “Fina.”
  • Yovngchimi: Took the stage with Bad Bunny in Orlando on May 18 to perform the trap hit “Mercedes Carota,” igniting the crowd with their energy.

Continued Success

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour in the U.S. adds another chapter to his extraordinary career, solidifying his position as one of the most influential figures in Latin music today. With groundbreaking performances and chart-topping albums, Bad Bunny continues to push the boundaries of Latin music and inspire audiences worldwide. Now, he is headed to Puerto Rico for his upcoming performances.

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