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The highly anticipated release of the “Deadpool & Wolverine” movie has generated buzz, not just for its content, but for its unique and provocative promotional item—a popcorn bucket featuring Wolverine.

The Design

The popcorn bucket, revealed by Ryan Reynolds on social media, features Wolverine with a gaping mouth designed to hold popcorn. The design is cheekily suggestive, adding to the humorous and edgy nature of the Deadpool franchise.

Ryan Reynolds shared the popcorn bucket’s design on X (formerly Twitter), calling 2024 “the year the War of the Popcorn Buckets began.” The design includes a butter trickle down Wolverine’s face, emphasizing its humorous intent.

CinemaCon Tease

The bucket was first hinted at during CinemaCon, where Marvel CEO Kevin Feige highlighted the crude and humorous design, saying it was intentionally crafted to be outrageous.

Public Reaction

The reaction on social media has been a mix of amusement and excitement, with fans eager to get their hands on this collectible item when the movie hits theaters on July 26.

About the Movie

“Deadpool & Wolverine” promises to bring the beloved anti-heroes together in a film that blends action, humor, and the distinct styles of both characters. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Deadpool, while Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine, marking his first appearance as the character since “Logan.” The plot is shrouded in mystery, but it is expected to follow their unconventional partnership as they face new threats.

Cameos and Surprises

Rumors suggest there will be several surprise cameos from other Marvel characters, making this a potential crossover event that could tie into the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans are particularly excited about potential interactions between Deadpool and other MCU characters.

Other Merchandise

In addition to the popcorn bucket, the marketing campaign includes various other merchandise items that capture the irreverent spirit of the Deadpool franchise. Limited edition posters, action figures, and apparel are expected to be released in conjunction with the film.


The “Deadpool & Wolverine” popcorn bucket stands out as a bold and humorous piece of movie memorabilia, perfectly reflecting the irreverent spirit of the Deadpool franchise. The upcoming film, set to release on July 26, promises to deliver the same blend of action and humor that fans have come to love. Make sure to grab your popcorn bucket and join in on the fun this summer!

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