ShowBlitz started as a music passion project in 1988, but we pivoted in 2019 to cover all of entertainment and celebrity culture. As our passion for music led us deeper into Hollywood, we realized we wanted to create a premier destination for celebrity gossip alongside responsible entertainment journalism.

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Our mission is to entertain and inform readers who share our passion for the glitz, drama, and spectacle of Hollywood. We cover the hottest gossip with exclusives from our trusted sources while also providing thoughtful commentary on the triumphs and obstacles facing diverse entertainment professionals.

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At ShowBlitz, readers can enjoy lighthearted gossip balanced with accuracy and insights you won’t get from tabloids. We have something for every gossip enthusiast:

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As an independently owned site focused on great storytelling over clickbait, we take pride in chasing entertaining stories while retaining our integrity. We believe in responsible journalism, accuracy, and respect.

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