Exclusive news: Ben Kingsley is in the final stages of talk to play the villain in Iron Man 3. However, comic book fans may not be so happy to know that it’s not The Mandarin character he’s taking on. The Mandarin is Tony Stark’s archenemy, the one who was responsible for the creation of The Iron Man in a way. The Mandarin is a wealthy Chinese scientist who was the financier of the warlord who captured Tony Stark.

Although insiders have verified the involvement of Ben Kingsley in the new Iron Man movie to Vanity, insiders said it wasn’t the Mandarin character he’s playing. Marvel execs have refused to comment on this deal.

Of what little information we can collect, Kingsley’s character will that be of someone who is responsible for a virus spread via nanobots since Iron Man 3 takes inspiration from the Extremis comic book series.