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Ortega’s on-screen chemistry with Emma Myers sparks relationship rumors

Jenna Ortega has become one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood thanks to her standout performance as the iconic Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s hit show Wednesday. Her portrayal of the dark and brooding Wednesday has sparked intense interest in the 20-year-old actress’ personal life, with many fans wondering – is Jenna Ortega a lesbian?


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Ortega’s sexuality has become a hot topic of speculation in recent months. This is largely due to her undeniable on-screen chemistry with co-star Emma Myers, who plays Enid Sinclair on Wednesday. The two young actresses have engaged in some flirty social media banter that has led some to believe they may be more than friends.

A comment Myers left on one of Ortega’s Instagram posts saying “I think maybe I um…. when you um… I think…uh gulp …. hi,” gained over 150,000 likes. It seemed to suggest Myers was left momentarily speechless by Ortega’s beauty in the photo.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

On another post, Ortega reciprocated by commenting “What do I need to do?” to Myers in a way that fans interpreted as seductive. While this cute online flirting has fueled relationship rumors, neither Ortega nor Myers have confirmed they are dating.

Ortega has not publicly discussed her sexuality

So is Jenna Ortega a lesbian in real life? The truthful answer is – we simply don’t know. Ortega has not openly discussed her sexuality at this point. Until she addresses it herself, speculating can only get us so far.

“I think fans will just have to wait and see if Jenna wants to address her sexuality directly,” a source close to the actress said.

But a look at Ortega’s past dating history provides some insight. According to reports, Ortega was briefly linked to actor Asher Angel in 2018 after they dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for a Halloween party. While they appeared quite cozy in photos, the pairing seemed to fizzle out quickly.

Ortega also shared an on-screen kiss with singer Jacob Sartorius in his “Chapstick” music video. However, she later confirmed an actual romantic relationship never transpired between them off-camera.

Jenna Ortega, Jacob Sartorius - "Chapstick"
Jenna Ortega, Jacob Sartorius – “Chapstick”

So while Ortega doesn’t have a heavily publicized dating history, there’s no concrete evidence she identifies as a lesbian. Of course, she may choose not to publicly discuss that aspect of her personal life – which is completely understandable.

“Labels shouldn’t define anyone,” Ortega stated in an interview last year. “I’m focused on my craft.”

Ortega’s talent shines regardless of sexuality

As Ortega’s career continues to surge following her Wednesday success, interest in her dating life is inevitable. But she shouldn’t feel pressured to label her sexuality unless she wants to. Still, her undeniable chemistry with Emma Myers keeps the door open for LGBTQ fans hoping for representation.

Ortega originated as a Disney Channel star but has since taken on more mature, complex roles that showcase her incredible talent. Whether she ends up dating men, women, or both – her immense acting capabilities are what matters most. She has quickly become one of the most in-demand rising talents in the industry.

“At the end of the day, Jenna’s incredible talent is what really matters,” director Tim Burton commented about the actress.

While the lesbian rumors remain unconfirmed, Ortega’s talent and charisma shine through regardless of her sexuality. Fans will have to wait patiently to see if she ever addresses the speculation directly. Until then, her career is sure to continue its meteoric rise after Wednesday‘s monster success.

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