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Lady Nagant, also known as Kaina Tsutsumi, is a powerful former villain and pro-hero in the world of anime My Hero Academia. As one of the main antagonists in the Dark Hero arc, Lady Nagant plays a pivotal role in the overarching story.


Lady Nagant was originally a pro hero named Kaina Tsutsumi who worked for the Hero Public Safety Commission. However, after being forced to assassinate villains and corrupt heroes outside of the law, she became disillusioned and snapped, killing her superior.

Lady Nagant was incarcerated in Tartarus prison but freed by All For One during a riot. She was given two additional quirks – an Air Walk for mobility and an unknown self-destruct quirk as insurance against betrayal.

Serving as a gun-for-hire, Lady Nagant is tasked by All For One to capture Izuku Midoriya. This leads to an epic confrontation where Izuku’s words make Lady Nagant question her allegiances.

Although gravely injured by All For One’s betrayal, Lady Nagant reveals his location to the heroes, proving pivotal in the final war. She returns to fight alongside Izuku against Tomura Shigaraki, reminding herself of the hopes she once had as a hero.


Lady Nagant has long indigo hair with pink highlights, usually kept in a ponytail. Her costume consists of a purple sleeveless dress with white boots. Across her face are scars from the explosion caused by All For One’s quirk.

Lady Nagant My Hero Academia
Lady Nagant My Hero Academia

As a pro hero, she wore a black body suit with minimal armor plating. After Tartarus, she had an orange prison jumpsuit until changing into her signature dress.


Lady Nagant possesses incredible sniping skills, considered the best long-range fighter in Japan. She can hit targets over a kilometer away without a scope, even in darkness or heavy rain. Her quirk Rifle allows her to generate a rifle from her arm and craft bullets from her hair.

The Air Walk quirk from All For One provides levitation and aerial mobility to complement her ranged attacks. She can quickly reposition for new firing angles.

Although the self-destruct quirk nearly killed her, Lady Nagant has immense endurance, surviving and remaining conscious after being exploded from within.


In the past, Lady Nagant was optimistic and excited to be a hero who could inspire others. However, after being forced to conduct underground assassinations by the Hero Commission, she became disillusioned by the hypocrisy of the hero society.

Lady Nagant
Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant is direct and ruthless against villains, willing to threaten and attack Izuku to complete her mission. However, observing Izuku’s heroic spirit and seeing that he saves both her and Overhaul makes Lady Nagant realize he is a true hero.

Despite her cynicism and work for All For One, Lady Nagant still wishes to do what is right. This leads her to make amends and switch sides during the final war.

Story Arc

  • Lady Nagant is introduced as a mysterious villain who has escaped Tartarus. Hawks warns Izuku to run if he ever sees her.
  • Working for All For One, Lady Nagant engages Izuku on a highway overpass, showcasing her superb sniping skills. She philosophizes about the corruption of a hero society.
  • To distract Izuku, Lady Nagant shoots the detained Overhaul and threatens to disable him permanently. Izuku manages to save both Overhaul and Lady Nagant from danger.
  • Critically injured from the hidden self-destruct quirk, Lady Nagant admits Izuku is a true hero and reveals All For One’s location to the heroes.
  • During the final war, Lady Nagant returns to help Izuku despite her injuries. She rediscovers her original aspirations as a hero.


As a fallen hero, Lady Nagant provides commentary on the flaws and hypocrisy in hero society. She is an example of how someone with good intentions can end up on the wrong path.

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Her sniping presents a formidable threat even against highly mobile and regenerative opponents like Izuku. It pushes him to his limits.

In convincing Lady Nagant to change allegiances, Izuku helps redeem a lost hero. This demonstrates his heroic spirit and worldview.

Lady Nagant’s intel proves pivotal for the final war, bringing the heroes one step closer to victory. She plays a key role in taking down All For One’s regime.


Starting as a villain but finding redemption, Lady Nagant is a complex character who amplifies major themes in My Hero Academia. Her legacy and connection to Izuku Midoriya illustrate how someone can come back from the brink and regain their heroic ideals.

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