These past several weeks, news on the casting of “Now You See Me” has been abuzz. Today, Jeff Sneider of Variety reports that Morgan Freeman is currently in talks with the studio to join Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, and Amanda Seyfried. Directed by Louis Letterier and written by Edward Ricourt and Boaz Yakin, the movie had a bit of difficulty moving forward in the casting department until Eisenberg signed up for it. Freeman is in negotiations for the role of Thaddeus, a former magician who exposes illusionists for a career. The movie tells the story of the Four Horsemen, a team of master illusionists, vs FBI agents who are out to get them. Morgan Freeman will appear in the Warner Bros. film “Dolphin Tale” alongside Ashley Judd and in “Summer at Dog Dave’s” with Virginia Madsen.