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Jill Rhodes first met her future husband Sean Hannity in 1991 when she was working as a political columnist for an Alabama newspaper. Hannity called Rhodes for story ideas for his conservative radio talk show. They married in 1993 and have endured decades in the public eye, weathering Hannity’s many controversies as a leading right-wing media pundit.

From Small-Town Roots to the National Spotlight

Born Jillian Auth in 1962, Jill Rhodes was raised in Alabama. She stayed in the state for college, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Alabama. Rhodes worked as a columnist for the Huntsville Times newspaper in 1991. This is when she received a fateful call from Sean Hannity.

At the time, Hannity was hosting a conservative radio talk show in Huntsville. He phoned Rhodes asking for interesting story ideas and tips. This call led to a meeting between the two, and they began dating. Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity married in 1993.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity

While Hannity was born and raised in New York City, his media career took him to Alabama in the late ’80s. After his radio contract expired there, Hannity helped launch the Fox News channel from Atlanta. This national platform rocketed him into the spotlight.

Jill Rhodes loyally followed her husband’s budding career from Alabama to New York City. She left her newspaper job behind to become a book editor, before having children put her career on hold.

Years later, Rhodes continues to stand by Hannity’s side as he hosts his Fox News show and engages in one controversy after another.

Marriage Ends Amid Growing Scandals

Jill stood by Sean’s side for over 25 years as he hosted his Fox News show and engaged in numerous controversies. But the scandals and criticism continued mounting.

In 2020, as Hannity drew harsh backlash for spreading misinformation and supporting Trump’s false election claims, Jill filed for divorce. After decades of enduring the trials of being married to such a polarizing figure, she’d had enough.

While the specifics of what led to the divorce remain private, it’s clear the turbulent politics and nonstop controversies took a toll on their relationship. Jill had been Sean’s trusted anchor for so long, but ultimately his antics drove them apart.

A Powerful Creative Force During Their Marriage

For many years, Jill Rhodes was far more than just a supportive wife to Sean Hannity. She worked closely with him as an editor on his Fox News show, books, and radio programs

A Trusted Advisor Behind the Scenes

Jill Rhodes has always been far more to Sean Hannity than just a supportive wife. She works closely with her husband as an editor on his Fox News television show and NYT bestselling books.

In fact, Hannity’s first published book “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism” is dedicated to his wife. He thanks Jill Rhodes in the acknowledgments for being his “closest and most trusted advisor.”

This collaboration has continued for decades, with Rhodes editing Hannity’s books and TV scripts. She likely has a significant influence on the messaging and tone of Hannity’s fiery conservative commentary.

While Sean Hannity is the bombastic voice people hear, Jill Rhodes has long been a trusted force shaping his narratives from behind the scenes.

“Jill’s input has made me a better broadcaster,” Hannity has said of his wife’s vital role.

Standing By Her Man Through Controversies

Being married to Sean Hannity comes with intense public scrutiny and criticism. Some of it deserved, much of it partisan. But through it all, Jill Rhodes has stood resolutely by her husband’s side.

She supported Hannity as he helped spread the racist conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Hannity also regularly makes controversial remarks about the LGBTQ community that spur outrage.

In 2017, when Fox News parted ways with Bill O’Reilly and others over sexual harassment claims, Hannity was accused of inviting a female guest to his hotel room. Rhodes never wavered in her loyalty during this firestorm.

More recently in 2018, it came out that Hannity was a client of Donald Trump’s embattled lawyer Michael Cohen. Questions swirled about what the relationship entailed. Rhodes was unfazed.

Sean Hannity stirs up partisan outrage for a living. But knowing she has Jill Rhodes’ unwavering support empowers him to keep taking risks.

“Through all the ups and downs, Jill has always stood by me,” Hannity said of his wife’s steadfast devotion.

A New Chapter After Divorce

Now in her late 50s post-divorce, Jill Rhodes is moving into a phase where she can fully focus on her own life outside of Sean’s career. She has reportedly moved full-time to her home in Florida now that their children have left the nest.

While the former couple collaborated closely for decades, Jill seems ready to distance herself from Sean’s bombastic media machine following their split. The professional and marital bond they once shared has been severed.

Sean Hannity Career
Sean Hannity Career

There’s no question Sean Hannity’s career was bolstered by having Jill Rhodes standing firmly behind him all those years. But now he’ll have to forge ahead without her guidance, support, and stability as he continues courting controversy.

After 27 years of marriage, the dissolution of their rock-solid union marks the start of a new chapter for both Sean and Jill. Though the partnership remains deeply intertwined in their histories, their paths now diverge onto separate courses post-divorce.

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