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On July 20, 2024, the boxing world will witness an unprecedented showdown between two figures from vastly different eras of combat sports. Mike Tyson, once dubbed “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” will face off against Jake Paul, a social media influencer turned professional boxer, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This event not only marks a significant milestone in the careers of both fighters but also represents Netflix’s groundbreaking venture into the live broadcasting of combat sports.

Event Details

The fight is set to be a professional bout, making it an official addition to both fighters’ records. Scheduled for eight two-minute rounds, this match challenges the norm of traditional boxing encounters which usually consist of three-minute rounds. Both Tyson and Paul will wear 14oz gloves, with the event sanctioned by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations after careful consideration of Tyson’s medical fitness for the bout.

Detail Information
Date July 20, 2024
Venue AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Streaming Netflix (global live stream)
Tickets Availability Available from May 16, 2024
Fight Type Professional boxing match
Rounds Eight two-minute rounds
Gloves 14oz gloves
Sanctioned by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
Medical Considerations Tyson’s fitness reviewed by medical boards
Predicted Attendance Expected to be a high-profile event with full attendance
Undercard Highlight Co-main event featuring Taylor vs. Serrano 2
Ticket Sales General seats to premium suites at AT&T Stadium

Fighter Profiles

  • Mike Tyson: Emerging from a storied career, Tyson’s reputation in the boxing ring is legendary. With a professional record of 50 wins (44 by knockout) and 6 losses, Tyson was the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years old. His last professional fight was in 2005, but he returned to the ring in 2020 for an exhibition match. Tyson’s aggressive style and formidable punching power made him a fearsome opponent during his prime.
  • Jake Paul: Known initially for his viral content on social media platforms, Paul has carved out a new path as a professional boxer. Starting his boxing career in 2018, Paul has accumulated a record of 9 wins (6 by knockout) and 1 loss. His bouts have generally involved other non-traditional fighters and former athletes from different sports, making his upcoming fight with Tyson his most challenging and noteworthy to date.

Detailed Analysis of Each Fighter’s Fighting Styles

Mike Tyson’s Fighting Style

Mike Tyson is known for his aggressive, swarming fighting style, which made him one of the most feared boxers in the history of the sport. His approach combines exceptional speed and ferocity with a compact stance, characterized by his peek-a-boo defense inherited from his mentor, Cus D’Amato. Tyson’s style is heavily reliant on getting close to his opponents, utilizing explosive hooks and uppercuts to target the body and head. His ability to deliver powerful blows in quick succession often overwhelmed his opponents early in fights, leading to many first-round knockouts. Despite his shorter reach for a heavyweight, Tyson effectively closed distances with his bobbing and weaving, making him a formidable opponent in close quarters.

Jake Paul’s Fighting Style

Jake Paul, though less experienced in traditional boxing, has developed a style that suits his athletic background and height advantage. Paul fights with a more orthodox stance, using his reach to keep opponents at bay while looking for opportunities to land straight rights or counterpunches. His approach has been described as calculated, often using the jab to set up power punches. Unlike seasoned boxers, Paul’s technique is still developing, and his movement can sometimes appear less fluid, reflecting his transition from a digital influencer to a professional boxer. However, his knockout power is undeniable, as evidenced by his victories, many of which have come via knockout against opponents who are also relatively new to professional boxing.

Comparative Analysis

The clash between Tyson and Paul presents a stark contrast in experience and style. Tyson’s seasoned, aggressive tactics will test Paul’s ability to manage distance and withstand pressure. For Tyson, the challenge will be to bridge the gap against a taller opponent who will likely aim to exploit Tyson’s shorter reach and potential issues with stamina, given his age. Paul’s strategy might involve prolonging the fight to wear Tyson down, relying on his youth and endurance.

This matchup encapsulates a classic power versus technique scenario, where Tyson’s raw, explosive style meets Paul’s more cautious, strategic approach. The fight will likely hinge on whether Paul can withstand the early onslaught and whether Tyson can adapt his legendary but older form to handle a younger, less predictable opponent.


The bout is surrounded by a cloud of speculation and uncertainty due to the stark contrasts in their careers and ages. Analysts are split, with some favoring Tyson’s experience and knockout power against Paul’s youth and energy. The consensus is that if Tyson can leverage his legendary speed and power early on, he might overwhelm Paul. Conversely, Paul’s chances might increase the longer the fight goes, banking on his stamina and Tyson’s age potentially being a factor.

What Happens if Tyson Loses?

A loss for Mike Tyson against Jake Paul could be viewed through various lenses. For boxing purists, it might tarnish the legacy of one of the sport’s greatest fighters, although many might also recognize Tyson’s age and diminished prime condition as significant factors. In the broader scope, Tyson’s marketability might not suffer dramatically; his legendary status and persona have transcended his in-ring accomplishments, maintaining his appeal in various entertainment and sports ventures.

What Happens if Jake Paul Loses?

For Jake Paul, a loss to Tyson, while damaging to his burgeoning boxing career, might not critically impact his overall brand given his roots in entertainment and social media. However, it could affect his credibility and future prospects within professional boxing, where he has been eager to prove himself against more traditional and experienced fighters. A defeat might necessitate a step back to drawing opponents more within his experience level to rebuild credibility.

Fight Details

  • Boxing Gloves: Both fighters will wear 14oz gloves, which is standard for professional bouts to ensure safety and fair competition.
  • Round Length: The fight will consist of eight two-minute rounds. This is a deviation from the usual three-minute rounds seen in men’s professional boxing, likely tailored to accommodate the unique aspects of this exhibition.
  • Referee: The referee for the fight has not been disclosed yet. The choice of referee will be crucial, as their experience and ability to manage the fight could play a significant role in ensuring the safety of both participants.
  • Other Rules: The fight has been sanctioned as a professional bout, meaning it follows the professional boxing regulatory standards. However, specific adaptations like the two-minute rounds indicate slight deviations to fit the unique circumstances of the matchup. The fight’s sanctioning by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations assures that all health, safety, and competition guidelines are rigorously adhered to.

The intricacies of these rules and the high-profile nature of the bout ensure a fascinating encounter, blending traditional boxing with modern entertainment influences.

What Other Boxers and Celebrities Say About the Fight

The announcement of Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul has ignited a diverse range of reactions from the sports and entertainment world. Many are skeptical about the legitimacy of this matchup, criticizing it for seeming more like a spectacle than a serious athletic competition.


KSI, a notable figure in the YouTube and boxing community, and a rival of Jake Paul, has expressed disappointment about the fight, particularly highlighting Tyson’s age and questioning the fight’s appeal and motivation. He remarked on the sadness of seeing Tyson, a former heavyweight champion, stepping back into the ring at this stage in his life.

Boxing analysts and commentators have also weighed in, suggesting that the fight is more about clout and entertainment than it is about the sport of boxing. Elliot Worsell, a seasoned boxing writer, pointed out that the current boxing landscape often prioritizes profile and spectacle, potentially at the cost of the sport’s integrity.

Here are even more comments:

  1. Floyd Mayweather: In his analysis of the fight, Mayweather expressed concerns about Tyson’s age and its implications on his performance, but also acknowledged Tyson’s enduring skill set. Adding Mayweather’s opinion could provide a professional perspective on the challenges and expectations for Tyson in this fight.
  2. Teddy Atlas: The respected boxing trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas commented on the risks Jake Paul is taking by facing Tyson. He suggested that it’s a dangerous move for Paul, emphasizing that Paul has a lot to lose, especially given Tyson’s legendary status and the potential for criticism regardless of the fight’s outcome. This quote would be particularly useful in the “Predictions” or “What Happens if Jake Paul Loses?” sections to underline the high stakes for Paul.
  3. Rafael Cordeiro, Tyson’s Trainer: Cordeiro has shown confidence in Tyson’s capabilities, emphasizing his good shape and readiness for the fight. His insights can be used to bolster the section discussing Tyson’s preparation and strategy.

Net Worth and Other Ventures

Mike Tyson

As of 2024, Mike Tyson’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This figure is a stark contrast to the heights of his boxing career when he was among the highest-earning athletes in the world. Tyson earned over $400 million throughout his career from fight purses, endorsements, and appearances, but financial mismanagement, legal troubles, and personal issues led him to declare bankruptcy in 2003.

In his post-boxing life, Tyson has ventured into several different areas. He starred in popular films, notably “The Hangover” series, and has hosted the podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” which enjoys a strong following. Tyson’s engagement in entertainment and media has helped him rebuild financially and maintain a public presence.

Tyson has also been involved in philanthropy, particularly in his later years, often discussing his commitment to giving back to communities. This aspect of his life gained prominence when he declared that he would donate a portion of his earnings from the exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 to charity.

Despite the financial rollercoaster, Tyson’s continued relevance in both sports and entertainment underscores a remarkable story of resilience and reinvention. His upcoming fight against Jake Paul not only marks another return to the spotlight but could also significantly impact his financial standing, with the event expected to draw massive pay-per-view sales and sponsorships.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated at around $110 million in 2024. His earnings are derived from various sources, including YouTube, boxing, endorsements, and business ventures. In 2021 alone, Jake Paul earned $45 million, largely from his boxing matches and social media activities. His annual earnings fluctuate based on his activity level, ranging from $20 million to $50 million in recent years.

Paul has leveraged his social media influence for various endorsement deals with companies like BooHooMan, DraftKings, and Celsius, adding significantly to his revenue streams. Beyond his digital presence, Jake has also ventured into the business side of boxing and other entrepreneurial endeavors, demonstrating a diverse portfolio beyond his online and athletic persona.

For his upcoming fight in Puerto Rico, Jake Paul has committed to donating his entire fight purse to his nonprofit, Boxing Bullies, showcasing his philanthropic side.

Co-Main Event: Taylor vs. Serrano 2

The evening will also feature a significant rematch between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. Their first fight in 2022 was historic, marking the first time two women headlined a boxing event at Madison Square Garden. The rematch, contested over ten two-minute rounds, will see Taylor defending her undisputed super lightweight championship against Serrano, who is moving up two weight classes for the bout.

Tickets and Viewing

Tickets for the event will be available for general purchase starting May 16, 2024, with options ranging from general seats to premium suites at AT&T Stadium. Additionally, the event will be streamed live globally on Netflix, ensuring that no fan misses out on this historic sports spectacle.

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